2013 Best of Year Monitor Awards

These 2013 award-winning monitors braved our labs and came out on top.

When it comes to finding the best in computer monitors, we're looking for color fidelity, light output, form factor, and the like. This year, we kept our eyes peeled for the best machines, and today we present our 2013 Best of Year award winners:

Best Monitor of the Year - Samsung S27B971D

Samsung S27B971D

Samsung’s Series 9 monitor earns high praise for excellent color accuracy, user-friendly software, and sleek design. Where many professional graphics monitors focus solely on performance, The S9 manages to meet the same high standards of other professional graphics monitors—but without the usual clunky builds or $3,000 price tags.

A 27-inch graphics monitor at this price is almost unheard of, and Samsung even supplies modern USB 3.0 inputs, the expected WQHD resolution, and the DisplayPort connection required by many graphic design professionals. (MSRP $999.99)

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Runner-Up - ViewSonic VP2770-LED

ViewSonic VP2770-LED

The VP2770-LED proved its worth in our lab, but it finished a hair behind Samsung’s Series 9 in terms of usability and performance. ViewSonic’s professional display still has plenty to brag about, though: a stylish stand, ample flexibility, and almost perfect color production.

Where the VP2770-LED falls behind a little is in its lack of USB and calibrator hookups. Even still, as a professional’s tool, this ViewSonic earns a big gold star. (MSRP $1,230)

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